Jack Sara President of Bethlehem Bible College in Bethlehem | Photo: Bethbc.eduJack Sara, the president of Bethlehem Bible College and a prominent organizer of the Christ at the Checkpoint Conference, has revealed himself for what he is—a Christian who is committed to sharing the gospel with Jews while at the same time ignoring the actions and rhetoric of his fellow Arabs who seek to murder and oppress them. Sara can’t even bring himself to offer to his fellow Palestinians the ambivalent message of St. Augustine to early Christians about the Jews: “Do Not Slay Them!”


Alex Awad, co-founder of the anti-Israel, anti-Zionism 'Christ at the Checkpoint' conferencesA small group of Palestinian Christians are actively promoting an anti-Israel narrative built on a re-definition of the gospel. Increasingly in the West, Christianity is embracing that narrative. The new church struggle is the challenge of saying yes to God by saying no to Islamic dhimmitude.

Brian and Taylor Schrauger on 15 Aug 1998 Photo Brian SchraugerBecause I am a Christian, many people assume it is my religious faith that is the primary motivation for my advocacy for Israel. But that is not the case. Like all true Zionists, my strongest motives are more visceral, more mysterious than any creed or pledge.

Yohanna Katanacho speaks at the Christ at the Checkpoint conference in 2016According to Katanacho, an Arab Israeli citizen, “Jewishness in Israel has become an obsession for Israeli Jews and a nightmare for Palestinians because of its extremist views and determination to create a world filled with masters and slaves. ...The Jewish dream has become a mantra for the hatred of one’s neighbor.”

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