Sadik Gulec/ Gaza is ramping up for another war with Israel and openly says so. Hamas leader Ismael Haniyeh is pledging to attack and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is pledging a devastating response. As a result, there is talk today in Israel that another Gaza war might be only months away.

Experts in Israel say that Hamas has as many tunnels today as it had just before it started its war with Israel in the summer of 2014. Spending upward of US $140 million per year since that conflict ended less than two years ago, tunnel reconstruction has been proceeding at a fast pace.

The world does not know it, or does not want to, but the historical record is undeniable: admiration of Adolph Hitler has been part-and-parcel of the Palestinian movement since the Fuhrer came to power in 1933. For this reason, it is a sober but not surprising reality that Hitler's popularity is making a strong comeback among those who call themselves Palestinians. On the other hand, it is jolting to see his exploding popularity in today's Europe and all across the internet. Hitler may be dead, but as Islamic Palestinianism gains ascendancy on the world stage, his rabid spirit of anti-Semitism has returned.

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