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Looking for the place where you can underwrite the mission to send Brian Schrauger, our Editor-in-Chief, to Iraq so that he can write a book about how Jews, Christians, Kurds have endured unspeakable suffering and loss? Indeed, how their reactions are a template for the rest of us When Persecution Comes? You are at the right place.

This website is, of course, Its primary publication is the Chaim Report at Both websites are the same entity. For income tax purposes, the Jerusalem Journal is the registered name of an evangelical church in New Buffalo, Michigan, True Vine Revealed. The Jerusalem Journal's mission is strictly focused on providing trustworthy Israel-related news to all who support the Jewish State, including if not especially Christians who do so. 

For the year 2020, our Editor-In-Chief, Brian Schrauger, is focusing his efforts on what is happening in Kurdistan, largely in Iraq, but also in Iran, Syria, and Turkey. His mission is to report on the situation there and to write a book with the working title, WHEN PERSECUTION COMES: Lessons from Jews, Christians and Kurds Christians in the Fertile Crescent.

While he is fulfilling this task, day-to-day operations of the Jerusalem Journal and the Chaim Report have been handed over to the skillful and trustworthy hands of Rhonda Balance, Editor of both the Jerusalem Journal and the Chaim Report.

The only source of income for all these efforts is donations from people like you who believe that, in fact, giving to this is an 'investment' in the very heart of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. It is giving back to the Jewish people to whom all Christians owe their faith. It is a way of thanking God for his provision of redemption in and through the Jewish people. And it is a way to substantially stand with a beacon of truth in a world in which truth, especially journalistic truth, has become a very rare - and very valuable - commodity.

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Founder and CEO

Brian Schrauger

Founder & CEO

Brian Schrauger is the Editor-in-Chief of the Jerusalem Journal. A registered journalist with Israel's Government Press Office, he is also an author, speaker and regular contributor to the Jerusalem Post. Book him to speak to your group. His email address is Follow him too on Facebook and Twitter

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