Rabbi Sacks on You Want it Darker by Leonard Cohen Photo Rabbi Sacks Facebook Page LOGOKnowing his life was coming to a close, Leonard Cohen wrote, performed and published a remarkable swansong called, "You Want it Darker." The "You" is God. How Cohen responds to this statement and the reality of evil in our world is a remarkable challenge to all who suffer and wonder why. Contemplating these things in a hotel room in New York, Rabbi Jonathan Sacks shared his thoughts in this video.


Leonard Cohen published one last song before his death on 7 November 2016. Called "You Want it Darker," it is a remarkable farewell to life. The song's title and refrain is a statement addressed to God. How does Cohen respond? Throughout he sings again and again, "Hineni, Hineni," - "Here am I, Here am I."

Sitting in a hotel room in New York City yesterday morning, 17 November 2016, Rabbi Jonathan Sacks found himself thinking about Cohen's haunting lyrics that struggle with the realities of evil and death - and yet submits to God instead of reviling him.

On the even of Shabbat, here, then, are Rabbi Sacks provocative thoughts about Cohen and the message of his final song. Is there a message in this struggle for today's world? 

From the Jerusalem Journal, in such a time as this, Shabbat Shalom.


To hear Cohen's performance of his song, "You Want it Darker," click here.


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