Brian Schrauger

Brian Schrauger

Islamic State of Iran much greater threat than ISIS Photo YouTube screenshot IsraelPM channelAccording to Israel's former Minister of Defense, Moshe Ya'alon, Iran poses a much greater risk to the Middle East - and the rest of the world - than does ISIS.

Complete video recording of funeral of Shimon Peres Photo Israeli GPO Moshe MilnerDid you miss the live broadcast from Jerusalem of the funeral of Shimon Peres? No problem. Here is a video copy...

Live feed for funeral of Shimon Peres Photo Israeli GPO Moshe Milner

At this link: a live video feed from Jerusalem of the funeral of Shimon Peres.





Shimon Peres | Photo Israel GPO Mark Neyman Beloved in Israel as a founding father, Shimon Peres's life was characterized by resilience, optimism and perseverance. The belief that informed his visions for peace was humanistic Judaism. It is a world view from which he constructed the Oslo Accords. And it was the basis for the swan song of his life: the dream to establish a United Nations of Religions.

Eurocorps helicopter Photo YouTube screenshot EurocorpsHQ channel 02Next March in Rome the European Union will celebrate its 60th anniversary. In preparation, and in the aftermath of Brexit, leaders are seriously consideration formation of a long held dream: a European Army.

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