Israel and Egypt from Intl Space Station Photo NASA WITH CAPTIONS

The US National Aeronautics and Space Administration, NASA, has published a new nighttime photo from the International Space Station. Under the unseen eye of Russia's Soyuz capsule, currently docked at the ISS, Israel is clearly featured - but not mentioned in the photo's title.


Tuesday this week, only days after a new crew arrived at the International Space Station, NASA published the latest of four nighttime shots taken by the crew. The shot released Tuesday features Israel and Egypt. Two earlier photos are over southern Europe. Photos of southern Italy and Spain are seen beneath Russia's newest version of its Soyuz capsule used to transport all crew members to and from the ISS.

The dramatic photo that features Israel and Egypt does not include Soyuz. At the same time, its official title does not include any mention of Israel. In spite of the headline, "Nighttime View of Northern Egypt and the Sinai Peninsula," Israel is clearly featured in center of the shot. 

Impossible to miss, the Jewish State does make it into the photo's official description. Noting the locations of Egypt and Sinai, a final sentence adds, "Atop the sparsely lit Sinai Peninsula can be seen cities in Israel, including the brightly lit city of Tel Aviv on the Israeli coast along the Mediterranean sea."

Gilbralter and Soyuz from Intl Space Station Photo NASA ISS049e0004489 16 Sept 2016 WITH CAPTIONS 

Italy and Soyuz from Intl Space Station Photo NASA ISS049e004708 17 Sept 2016 WITH CAPTIONS


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