UNSC w Netanyahu overlay Photos Wikimedia Commons and Israel GPOAre more UN Security Council resolutions condemning Israel, and attempting to constrain its sovereignty, in the making? Could one or more pass before Trump takes office two weeks from today? Netanyahu thinks so and has put Israel's ambassadors on alert.


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said this week that possible decisions at the upcoming international peace conference in Paris could turn into another resolution against Israel at the United Nations Security Council.

Netanyahu made the comments at a conference at the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem that was attended by several Israeli ambassadors stationed around the globe.

In December, the Security Council passed Resolution 2334 criticizing Israeli settlements as illegal and as an obstacle to peace.

Netanyahu expressed concern that the resolution would encourage the Quartet on Middle East peace, which comprises the United States, European Union, Russia and the UN, to make a similar decision against Israeli settlements.

"The Paris conference is a hollow conference," Netanyahu said.

"But there are signs they will try turning the decisions there into another Security Council resolution, and these signs are not few in number. Therefore, the first effort we are dealing with right now is to prevent another U.N. resolution, as well as prevent a Quartet decision."

Netanyahu told the ambassadors that "this needs to be your primary effort in the coming days."


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