Pal knife terrorist Photo TerrorismAttacks dot com LOGOHearing a suspicious noise, Shabtai Koshobalski opened his front door where he found himself face-to-face with Saad Muhammad Ali Qaisiya holding two knives, one in each hand. With his wife and baby in the next room, Koshobalski, unarmed, attacked his family's would-be murderer.


Tragedy was averted this week after a Palestinian terrorist, armed with a knife in each hand, was shot and killed in the living room of a family home in the South Hebron Hills.

On Wednesday, 1 March, the family's father, Shabtai Koshobalski, opened his front door after hearing a suspicious noise outside, only to find the terrorist standing in the doorway with two knives.

Koshobalski's wife and infant son were also home at the time.

Recognizing the situation, Koshobalski fought with the would-be murdered before running inside to retrieve his gun from the living room.

The terrorist stabbed Koshobalski, lightly wounding him, an IDF spokesperson said.

At that point, Koshobalski's dog intervened, attacking and biting the terrorist, and giving Koshobalski the precious few moments he needed to find his gun.

Koshobalski shot and killed the attacker, later identified as Saad Muhammad Ali Qaisiya from the nearby village of ad-Dhahiriya.

Koshobalski's wife and baby were in the adjacent room throughout the ordeal. Security forces arrived at the scene shortly after the attack and began a search of the area for possible accomplices.

Hebron Hills Regional Council head Yochai Damari noted that Wednesday was also the Koshobalskis' wedding anniversary, "on which they will now also celebrate the miracle of their rescue."


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