Russian concept unmanned robot assassin Photo YT screenshot Military Nuka and Technology channel LOGO.pngRobotic warfare may be closer than many think. According to Israeli Minister Ayoob Kara, assassin robots could be a part of Jerusalem's arsenal in "two or three" years.


Israel is developing the technological capability to send robots to the Gaza Strip and Lebanon to strike the leaders of terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah without risking the lives of its IDF soldiers, Likud Minister Without Portfolio Ayoob Kara said on Saturday, 25 February.

With Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at its head, Likud is the political party in Israel that heads the coalition of parties governing Israel under its parliamentary system of government.

Speaking at a town hall-style event in Beersheba, Kara said, "After what happened in Gaza or Lebanon [in 2014 and 2006], I do not want to send soldiers in anymore. I can send a robot to Gaza that will fight and eliminate them inside. I am talking about remote control [robots] that identify people using radar."

He continued: "The robot can run after 'little mice' under the tunnels and eliminate them. The robot will go out to eliminate [Hezbollah leader Hassan] Nasrallah, without involving soldiers.

"You cannot harm it [the robot] because it is made of a special material, and it doesn't come back without eliminating them. It is a matter of a year, or two or three -- the elimination robot is on its way."

According to a Walla news report, Kara declined to name the source for his information about the new technology. He stressed that in the past, no one would have believed in the development of the Iron Dome or of drones, and that the robots are the next frontier in defense technology.


This is a lightly edited version of the original report published by Israel Hayom at

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