Worshipper at Western Wall of Temple Mount Photo YouTube screenshot piccolosamogitian channelWhat does it look like when an entire country honors a day to seek God in humble penitence - including its non-religious citizens? Israel is about to do this very thing. This is a glimpse of a singular culture's Day of Repentance.

Israeli security office standing guard outside Jerusalems Old City Photo YouTube screenshot The News channelLast Sunday's shooting spree in Jerusalem is notably different than terror attacks that have plagued the capital for the last year. According to DEBKAfile, Israeli authorities have information of more attacks being planned during the remainder of Israel's High Holy Days.

Netanyahu at the UN 2016 Photo YouTube screenshot IsraelPM channel v2a WITH YOUTUBE BUTTONAt the United Nations of 22 September 2016, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke for 40 minutes. He made the case for Israel by presenting current realities in the context of a future hope. See here the official video of his remarks, including a transcript.

Netanyahu at the UN 2016 Photo YouTube screenshot IsraelPM channel WITH CAPTIONAt the world's podium for 40 minutes, Netanyahu's presentation at the UN was characterized by clarity, authority and optimism. It was a textbook case of speaking truth to power.

Letters to God Photo Israel GPO Ran DicksteinAs Israel approaches the Hebrew New Year, Rosh Hashanah, the nation's postal service is receiving a surge of letters addressed to ...God.

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