Dr. Jacques Neriah Photo YouTube screenshot TheJerusalemCenter channelDr. Jacques Neriah is the former Deputy Head for Assessment of Israel's Military Intelligence. In this video, he contends that Arab country crackdowns are creating recruits for ISIS.

ISIS operatives in Gaza Photo YouTube screenshot Pigmine 2 channelAn affiliate of ISIS in Gaza claimed responsiblity for yesterdays rockets fired into Israel. Was it a message? Is Israel already at war with ISIS? It might be.

Assyrian forces with heads of decapitated Jews and Nahums tomb Photo YouTube screenshotsThe 2,500 year old tomb of Nahum is in northern Iraq. Today it is crumbling, threatening to collapse. Nahum's prophecy, however, remains solid. It is a damning message to the likes of Tehran and ISIS.

Hamas and ISIS | Photo: YouTube screenshot Secular Talk channelHamas officials initially traveled to the Sinai to help ISIS set up its infrastructure. They taught the jihadists how to plant explosives and launch missiles at tanks. In turn, ISIS fighters leaders are said to regularly visit Gaza, where they are hosted by Hamas commanders.

Russian Helicopter wreckage 1 August 2016 | Photo: YouTube screenshot News Express channelShot down over ISIS area in Syria, Sergei Rudskoy of Russia's Defense Ministry says that Al-Nusra Front, Syria's Al-Qaeda, did it. Five are killed.

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