Pal leaders have incited vehicular murder for months. ISIS is grateful (Photo: Twitter screenshot)Palestinian leaders have incited and promoted vehicular murder of Israeli Jews for months. A grateful Islamic State exported the method to France.

Russian General Alexander Dvornikov and President Putin (Source: DEBKAfile)BOTH RUSSIAN AND TURKISH INTELLIGENCE indicate that ISIS is going global. In the name of preventing ISIS squads from reaching Russia, Moscow too is going global in its war against the Islamist terror group.

Strategic map published July 2016, illustrating growing threat at Israel's northern borderRecent skirmishes on Israel's northern border are nothing compared to the threat posed by dangerous gains that have been achieved by Islamist terrorists in southern Syria

Moner Mohammad Abusalha, the suicide bomber who was the Orlando killer's buddy Omar Mateen, a US Muslim citizen aged 29, son of Afghan migrants, perpetrated the deadliest shooting attack in American history on June 12, when he massacred 50 people and injured 53 at the Pulse gay club in Orlando, Florida, with an AR 15 assault rifle and a Glock 17 handgun.

The guns were purchased legally a few days earlier at a local shop. This alone ought to have alerted the various US intelligence and surveillance agencies responsible for countering terrorism – except that, for lack of coordination, they missed the fact that a man twice questioned by the FBI was suddenly loading up on deadly weapons.

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