Putin at Valdai on 27 Oct 2016 Photo YouTube screenshot RT channel JJ LOGOAccording to Russian President Vladamir Putin, the US has violated international law by attacking sovereign states; and in the aftermath of those attacks, terrorism has exploded. Instead, he said, the world needs to "learn from Israel. It never lets go. They fight until the end. That's why it exists." 

Weapons seized by Israel in Bethlehem and Hebron on Tuesday 23 Aug 2016 Photo IDFblog comIn the early hours on Tuesday morning, in the middle of the night, the hills of southern Judea began to hum. Waxing and waning in volume, the hum persisted. In retrospect, it is virtually certain that the source of the hum was Israeli aircraft. Helicopters, and probably drones, were backing up and supervising raids of weapon mills hidden in the biblical, now Islamic, cities of Hebron and Bethlehem. See for yourself what Israel discovered.

Sami Abu Zuhri Spokesperson for Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas Photo Islamic Resistance Movement English websiteAccording to an English press release by Hamas, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is "an icon of terrorism and criminality" whose "lies shall fade and fail to whitewash his bloody image."

Wahid Burash UN worker accused of helping Hamas Photo YouTube screenshot ITV News channelLike World Vision's Mohammad Halabi, a UN aid worker stands accused of funneling aid to the terrorist organization, Hamas. Apparently, even more nonprofit workers in Gaza are working with Hamas.

IDF says WV money purchased thisUK donations to World Vision were used by the terrorist organization Hamas to build a military base in Gaza. This allegation is only part of conduct that led to the 15 June 2016 arrest of Mohammed El-Halabi. He faces charges of funneling $43 million to Hamas.

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