Netanyahu and Hertog Photo YouTube screenshot Hudson Institute channel WITH CAPTIONWhat would it be like to sit down with Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and, in dialogue, ask him about Israel's relations with Russia, the US, China, Africa, Latin America and more? Last Friday it happened. This a transcript, and video, of that exchange.

IAbbas embraces Sudan war criminal Omar al Bashir (YouTube screenshot, the official channel of n an attempt to thwart Netanyahu's recent diplomatic coup in Africa, Abbas has made a trip to the continent - straight into the embrace of Sudan's president, a wanted war criminal, charged with genocide and crimes against humanity.

Netanyahu at Entebbe

Netanyahu's trip to Africa marks the first time an Israeli Prime Minister has visited Sub-Sahara Africa since 1987 when Yitzak Shamir traveled to Togo, Cameroon, Liberia and the Ivory Coast. It also marks the 40th anniversary of Israel's breathtaking rescue of citizens hijacked by terrorists and held at Uganda's Entebbe International Airport on 4 July 1976.

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