Netanyahu and Erdogan Photos YouTube screenshots IsraelPm and Ruptly TV channels LOGOAs Israel and Egypt renew diplomatic ties, significant differences remain between the two states. As one ambassador arrives in Tel Aviv and the other in Ankara, both are walking on eggshells.

Putin Erdogan Aleppo Jerusalem Photo credits on faceIn China and behind closed doors, the world gave Putin the nod to partner with Turkey, not the US, for "charting the next steps in the Middle East."

Obama with US military Joint Chiefs of Staff Photo YouTube screenshot Democracy Now channel Mod01aToday Jerusalem is watching America lead Syria to the worst possible solution for Israel: Assad in power, and Iranians in the Golan Heights.

The Sukhoi Su 35S Russias new super maneuverable multirole fighter jet Photo Sukhoi CompanyRussia is putting pressure on Turkey to obtain access to its NATO airbase at Incirlik. Ostensibly, the reason is to better defeat ISIS in Syria. In fact, if it wins access, it is the diplomatic equivalent of a rude gesture to the United States, Europe and the West.

Snapshots of Himmler while supervising Nazi genocide Photo YouTube screenshot RTVNederland channelThe spirit of Himmler revealed in his diaries is a lesson and a warning to the world today. It is imperative that individuals and institutions shake off the shock of evil's charm and beauty. Otherwise, and soon, they risk becoming its victims. Or its perpetrators.

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