High Priests bells Photos City of David JerusalemAccording to the Bible, in Exodus 29:31, Judaism's High Priest was told to wear a robe with bells of gold on its skirt. Like knocking before entering a door, it announced the approach of the High Priest. What did it sound like? Now we know.

Combined Is this the pit Photo screenshot from YNet videoBecause he was the favorite son of Jacob, Joseph's brothers were furious with resentment. According to the Bible, they planned to murder him. Instead he was thrown into a pit, then sold into slavery. Is this the pit into which Joseph was thrown?

Nero Coin Photo UNC CharlotteA Roman coin bearing the image of Rome's infamous Emperor Nero has been discovered in a dig just outside the southern wall of Jerusalem's Old City. According to an archaeologist at the dig, it dates "to the same year of Saint Paul’s last visit to Jerusalem."

2nd Temple priestly scale stone with Oren Gutfeld Photos IAA and YNet"I went pale and ...felt a small tremble to see the name of the high priest."

Splendor of Second Temple courtyard revealedThe first century historian, Josephus, said the Temple Mount courtyard was "completely paved with stones of various types and colors." Now we have a glimpse of its splendor.

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