In the Valley of David and Goliath Photos YouTube screenshots CBN channel Mod 01cArtifacts from an ancient city near the Valley of Elah open up a window to the time - and place - where David fought Goliath and killed him with a single stone. Swords on display could have been used in the battle.

Montage IAA employee examining the finds Photo Amir Gorzalczany Israel Antiquities AuthorityFor years, Marcel Mazliah picked up items that drifted ashore from the Mediterranean. Turns out, his lifetime hobby is an archaeological treasure with artifacts from Israel's ancient history all the way into the Middle Ages of the Common Era.

Mummy MRI portrait | Photo: YouTube screenshot The Israel Museum Jerusalem channelSomebody's mummy has lived in Jerusalem since about 1930. Whose mummy is it? Why was it made? An MRI yields surprising clues: this mummy is a lot like us.

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