Montage TzitTzit blue and Singer family children Photo Tekhelet dot net and Temple Sifting Project blog DROPSHADOWED bSifting through debris from illegal Islamic excavations on the Temple Mount has recently resulted in the discovery of a snail shell. The dye it was used to create was both priceless and holy, the ultimate royal blue - for priestly garments as commanded by the Bible.

The stone of Tel Dor underwater and on display Stone photos Univ of Haifa Coastal photo YT screenshot Itay Sikolski channel LOGO 01aOn the coast of the Mediterranean in northern Israel, the city of Dor was once a Canaanite stronghold. Conquered by Israel's most famous general, Joshua, it became a city of Asher, one of the twelve tribes of Israel. Hundreds of years later, it fell under Roman rule. This year the waters of Dor yielded up a stone with a Greek inscription. Naming a Roman procurator, it has resolved an almost one hundred year old debate.

Southern end of Temple Mount on Snowy day Photo Brian Schrauger CAPTIONSUNESCO denies any connection between the Temple Mount and Judaism, but the massive, and growing, archaeological record begs to differ. Here, with photos, are just a few of its proofs.

Combined Is this the pit Photo screenshot from YNet videoBecause he was the favorite son of Jacob, Joseph's brothers were furious with resentment. According to the Bible, they planned to murder him. Instead he was thrown into a pit, then sold into slavery. Is this the pit into which Joseph was thrown?

Gods role in establishment of Israel Photo YouTube screenshot Hudson Institute channel WITH CAPTIONWhen he was in Washington D.C. last week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu participated in an informal interview at the Hudson Institute. One of the questions he was asked is this: "What role did God play in the creation of Israel." This is a transcript, and video clip, of the entire question and Netanyahu's intriguing answer.

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