Avi Dichter in 2012 Photo Israel GPO by Kobi GideonThe Chairman of Israel's parliamentary Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee has a surprising take on the greatest threat the world faces in the 21st century.

Guy Fawkes mask seen at a protest in Montreal on May 22, 2012 against Bill 78 as part of the 2012 Quebec protestsStudying previous sporting events through its intelligence analysis platform, Tel Aviv-based Cytegic, a cybersecurity company, has identified a surge of cyber activity ahead of and during major global sporting events. This same activity is expected to surge in the weeks ahead of and during the Olympics in Brazil in August this year, the company warns.


Photo by Chanpipat/Shutterstock.comAround 536 BC, a Persian government advisor with the Hebrew name, Daniel, penned a number of predictions including a somewhat confusing description of Middle East dynamics at “the end of time.” The confusion was deliberate, he said. It would not be understood until an unmistakable shift happened on a global scale, a time when “travel and knowledge vastly increased” (Dan. 12:4).

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