Ardie Geldman Photo CourtesyWhat happens when an Israeli "settler" engages Western millennial young adults in his home, confronting them with evidence of PA incitement to violence and glorification of murderers? See for yourself...

Baraka of Hamas and Majedi of Iran meet in Beirut on 1 Sept 2016 Photo screenshot from Maan News Agency websiteLast Friday, just before Shabbat, there was a meeting in Beirut. Sitting down about 150 miles from Jerusalem, a representative for Hamas sipped Turkish coffee and ate figs with Iran's ambassador to Lebanon. What has reunited Hamas with Tehran?

Nablus rioting 02 Photo AP Archive channelAccording to one of Israel's foremost journalists, Khaled Abu Toameh, PA President Abbas is either playing the world for fools or he is delusional.

Israel Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman Photo FB screenshot 03After a mortar fired from Gaza hit the Israeli community of Sderot three days ago, Israel carried out two days of carefully targeted but intense bombing attacks. No one was killed. Still, why such a strong response?

ISIS operatives in Gaza Photo YouTube screenshot Pigmine 2 channelAn affiliate of ISIS in Gaza claimed responsiblity for yesterdays rockets fired into Israel. Was it a message? Is Israel already at war with ISIS? It might be.

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