IDF says WV money purchased thisUK donations to World Vision were used by the terrorist organization Hamas to build a military base in Gaza. This allegation is only part of conduct that led to the 15 June 2016 arrest of Mohammed El-Halabi. He faces charges of funneling $43 million to Hamas.

Hamas tunnel in Israel uncovered and destroyed by IDF in 2013 Photo IDF ArchiveIn an apparent attempt to prevent another war, Israel is taking tangible steps to build a tunnel-proof security barrier between itself and Gaza.

Hamas and ISIS | Photo: YouTube screenshot Secular Talk channelHamas officials initially traveled to the Sinai to help ISIS set up its infrastructure. They taught the jihadists how to plant explosives and launch missiles at tanks. In turn, ISIS fighters leaders are said to regularly visit Gaza, where they are hosted by Hamas commanders.

Fatah website antisemitic conspiracy blood libel cartoon | Photo: screenshot of the Fatah Media website at PA's descent into anti-Semitism appears complete. Its use of ancient libels are an attempt to induce labor. Something wicked this way comes.

Hamas digging tunnels | YouTube screenshot from the Al Qassam Brigades music video, Hamas Tunnel Song Nasheed, on the HowtoSPS channelHamas, the terror organization that also govern's Gaza, is constructing six miles of tunnels ...every month. They glorify this effort on social media while Palestinian civilians in Gaza pay a heavy price.

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