Illustrative: Russia test launches missiles in military drills | Photo: YouTube screenshot RT channelWithout fanfare, Israeli officials are quietly concerned about the nation's ability to protect its citizens from an imminent war with Hezbollah, the "Party of Allah" in Lebanon. Very concerned.

Map of provocative Syrian fire on Israel's northern border on 25-28 July 2016 | Map photo by DEBKAfileFor the last four days, Syria has been firing artillery within a few meters, or feet, of Israel's border. Apparently Russia has emboldened Assad. According to this intelligence report, Israel may be forced to hit back.


In an unusual move, the IDF announced on Monday morning that it attacked two Syrian army targets overnight Sunday in retaliation for unusual shots fired at the security fence on the northern border.

The author, Shalev Paller, with Rajaswa, a cobbler, in Leh, India (Photo: Shalev Paller)I wake up to the sound of laughing children, stare out the window at the blanket of clouds covering the valley below, and think of nothing. Finally, nothing.

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