Petra Heldt in Jerusalem's Shuk where a suicide bomber almost took her life: Photo: Dexter Van Zile

It has been more than 20 years since Petra Heldt was nearly killed by a suicide bomber, but she can still tell you the exact time the bomb went off. “One point sixteen in the afternoon. I know because my watch stopped,” she says. Then she laughs.


Hamas sends 50 thousand to #JerusalemIntifada summer camp 2016 (Photo: From Hamas tweet on 10 July 2016)The theme of the camps is “Jerusalem Intifada.” The goal is “to raise a generation of Palestinians who love the resistance, liberation of Palestine and Al-Aqsa Mosque.”

DOMINOE image for cause effectMahmoud Abbas is the President of the Palestinian Authority. Both he and his ruling party, Fatah, have repeatedly argued that they only support "peaceful resistance" against Israel. When Palestinians commit murderous assaults against Israelis, they call it a "private" and "spontaneous natural response" to "Israeli aggression."

But are the attacks unplanned, private and spontaneous?

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  • Teaser Are Palestinian terrorist attacks unplanned, private and spontaneous?

Matt Hanna (pseudonym), a Palestinian from Gaza, living in Bethlehem | Photo: CourtesyDear Rena and Amichai Ariel,

I’m writing to you with deep sorrow in my heart. I try to imagine your loss from the brutal murder of your lovely daughter, and I cannot. As a Palestinian Christian who grew up in Gaza, I can tell you that my heart is broken and I mourn with you the loss of lovely Hallel.

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  • Teaser I am a Palestinian Christian who shares your sorrow. And I am not the only one.

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