Sami Abu Zuhri Spokesperson for Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas Photo Islamic Resistance Movement English websiteAccording to an English press release by Hamas, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is "an icon of terrorism and criminality" whose "lies shall fade and fail to whitewash his bloody image."

Hamas digging tunnels | YouTube screenshot from the Al Qassam Brigades music video, Hamas Tunnel Song Nasheed, on the HowtoSPS channelHamas, the terror organization that also govern's Gaza, is constructing six miles of tunnels ...every month. They glorify this effort on social media while Palestinian civilians in Gaza pay a heavy price.

Iran Commander Mohammad Reza Naqdi Photo source YNet 02For the first time, Iran is publicly acknowledging that one of its top military commanders has been sent to southern Syria just across Israel's northern border. Why is he there? And why has Iran acknowledged his visit?

Terrorist suspect in downtown Jerusalem searched for explosives (Photo: YouTube screenshot)Yesterday morning in downtown Jerusalem, a bustling crowd waited to board the light rail. One of them had a bag with a three-pipe bomb connected to a cell phone.

Dr. Majid Rafizadeh (Photo: Source: Wikimedia at penalty for renouncing Islam is death. This creates fear about telling the true story. Regardless, this is that story.

| It is sometimes important

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