Arab hospitality in Abu Ghosh Photo YouTube screenshot Israel21cdotcome channel LOGOAs multiple fires continue to burn and thousands of people are evacuated, Israelis across the country are coming together to help those in need. In many cases, Israeli Arabs are opening their doors to Israeli Jews.

Avigdor Lieberman speaking at Tel Aviv University (Photo: Israel GPO by Moshe Milner)Israel's new Minister of Defense has a stern message for the nation's enemies. In essence, pick a fight with us and we will end it. Decisively. So as to erase any motivation to pick another one.

Mally Pnina Tapiro of Sderot (Photo: Seth J. Frantzman)The last war with Hamas in 2014 saw 3,700 rockets fall throughout Israel. Many were shot down by the Iron Dome Defensive system. Is another war pending?

Christian Arabs Photo from TheTower dot org LOGOEquating Islamist terrorism with Arabs is a categorically false pejorative that dehumanizes an entire ethic group, inciting others to falsely judge, to mindlessly hate. As such it is morally repulsive. Enough.

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