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In a worst case scenario, 750,000 Israelis will have to be evacuated in the Jewish State's next war. In preparation, there is a nationwide 4-day drill this coming Sunday through Wednesday.

Nero Coin Photo UNC CharlotteA Roman coin bearing the image of Rome's infamous Emperor Nero has been discovered in a dig just outside the southern wall of Jerusalem's Old City. According to an archaeologist at the dig, it dates "to the same year of Saint Paul’s last visit to Jerusalem."

AERIAL VIEW OF THE LOCAL COUNCIL OF ABUGOSH Photo GPO Moshe Milner NO TITLEAbout 21 percent of Israelis are Arab, not Jewish. Many live in communities that reflect their unique religious and family-oriented culture. No less Israeli than their Jewish counterparts, Jerusalem is funding 1.41 billion shekels for Arab-Israeli public housing.

Netanyahu visits Golan Heights April 2016 Photo YouTube screenshot IsraelPM channelIsrael has developed a policy vis-a-vis Syria that includes a worst-case outcome of the current conflict there. The stance Israel has adopted is changing its status in the Middle East.

Air Force Montage Photos YouTube screenshots Military Stats channelAfter months of negotiations, the USA and Israel have signed a new 10-year military aid package. The US is allocating $38 billion to Israel's defense, all of which must be spent with American manufacturers.

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