Eurocorps helicopter Photo YouTube screenshot EurocorpsHQ channel 02Next March in Rome the European Union will celebrate its 60th anniversary. In preparation, and in the aftermath of Brexit, leaders are seriously consideration formation of a long held dream: a European Army.

Shimon Peres Photo Israel GPO Mark NeymanIsrael's beloved former President is fighting for his life. Shimon Peres suffered a stroke yesterday. Doctors say his condition is stable. They have also summoned his family.

Yuval Steinitz Photo Israel GPO Moshe Milner Mod 01aPrime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's statement that the Palestinian Authority is demanding "ethnic cleansing" and a state free of Jews continues to make waves. Was he wrong?

2nd Temple priestly scale stone with Oren Gutfeld Photos IAA and YNet"I went pale and ...felt a small tremble to see the name of the high priest."

IDF fighter jet Photo IDF Spokesperson Twitter accountAlmost immediately after the US, Russia and Syria's "ceasefire" began on Monday night, a "spillover" mortar exploded in Israel's Golan Heights. The official interpretation is that it was accidental. Nonetheless, Israel responded "as if" it was deliberate. When Jerusalem's jets struck back, they were fired on by Syrian surface-to-air missiles. Was an Israeli plane shot down? 

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