Netanyahu Photo YouTube screenshot IsraelPM channel WITH QUOTEOver the weekend, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyau uploaded a video to Facebook. His assertion of Palestinian intent for a Jew-free state was explicit. Perhaps it was his conclusion that provoked the US State Department to respond. "Ethnic cleansing for peace is absurd," Netanyahu said. 

Kerry happy with Lavrov Photo by EAWorldView.comLast Friday, the US and Russia announced a ceasefire that is scheduled to begin at midnight tonight. The real news, however, is not a dubious hope for peace.

Putin Erdogan Aleppo Jerusalem Photo credits on faceIn China and behind closed doors, the world gave Putin the nod to partner with Turkey, not the US, for "charting the next steps in the Middle East."

Israel Oil Rig and landing pad related to Leviathin Field Photo YouTube screenshot Yitzak Tshuva channel 02From London to Singapore, Israel is recruiting investors for gas and oil development of massive reserves in beneath its waters in the Mediterranean. As world powers hear the pitch, like in the video below, everyone is keen.

Putin and Abbas meet in Moscow Sept 2015 Photo YouTube screenshot President Abbas channelPA President Mahmoud Abbas was in Moscow when he wrote his doctoral thesis denying the Holocaust. Was he more than just a student?

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