Baraka of Hamas and Majedi of Iran meet in Beirut on 1 Sept 2016 Photo screenshot from Maan News Agency websiteLast Friday, just before Shabbat, there was a meeting in Beirut. Sitting down about 150 miles from Jerusalem, a representative for Hamas sipped Turkish coffee and ate figs with Iran's ambassador to Lebanon. What has reunited Hamas with Tehran?

Air traffic controller inside new control tower at TLV Photo IAA video screenshotMore than 16 million travelers passed through Israel's Ben Gurion International Airport last year. Israel keeps an eagle-eye on every flight, including its perch from the airport's new, and cool, control tower.

Israeli made Amos 6 satellite destroyed in Florida explosion on 1 Sept 2016 Photo YouTube screenshot USLaunchReport channelThe "Facebook satellite" that exploded on the launchpad last Thursday was Israeli made. Was the explosion sabotage? If so, why? And who might have done it?

Palestinian boy in Syrian refugee camp Photo YouTube screenshot AFP News Agency channelAlong with President Abbas and his Palestinian Authority, and in a shared disregard of Hamas, the international community shows no interest in Palestinian refugees suffering in Syria, Jordan and Lebanon. Why?

Obama with US military Joint Chiefs of Staff Photo YouTube screenshot Democracy Now channel Mod01aToday Jerusalem is watching America lead Syria to the worst possible solution for Israel: Assad in power, and Iranians in the Golan Heights.

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