Kurdish commander Hussein Yazdanpana in Tubulah At TaMim Iraq mod01aFor Russia and Iran, Turkey and Iraq, and the USA, there are two irritating wildcards in the Middle East: Israel and the Kurds. Seth J. Frantzman, Op-Ed editor at the Jerusalem Post, has made several visits to Kurdish front lines. Who are the Kurds? Frantzman explains...

Iran new army hq in Damascus Photo DailyMail report 20160831 FULL Mod01aIran has a new military HQ. Called the 'Glasshouse' in downtown Damascus, it is directing Tehran's effort to defeat ISIS in Syria. Is it also a command post to establish a new Persian empire as a kind of 'womb' to deliver Islam's messianic Mahdi?

In the Valley of David and Goliath Photos YouTube screenshots CBN channel Mod 01cArtifacts from an ancient city near the Valley of Elah open up a window to the time - and place - where David fought Goliath and killed him with a single stone. Swords on display could have been used in the battle.

Iran deployment of Russian S 300 missiles at Furdow Photo YouTube screenshot Press TV News Videos channel Mod 01bAccording to the nuclear agreement it negotiated last year, Iran's Fordow facility is supposed to be a research center with about 1,000 centrifuges. Why, then, has Tehran deployed the massive Russian missile system there? See and hear Iran's explanation of the deployment in the video below.

Abbas Netanyahu meet in DC Sept 2010 Photo Israeli GPO Moshe MilnerIf anyone might persuade Mahmoud Abbas to meet with Benjamin Netanyahu, it is Vladimir Putin. If Putin succeeds and regardless the outcome, there will be cause to celebrate. Still, Abbas's intransigence makes it unlikely. Octoberfest - with beer, not vodka - will remain in Europe.

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