Israel Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman Photo FB screenshot 03After a mortar fired from Gaza hit the Israeli community of Sderot three days ago, Israel carried out two days of carefully targeted but intense bombing attacks. No one was killed. Still, why such a strong response?

Dr. Jacques Neriah Photo YouTube screenshot TheJerusalemCenter channelDr. Jacques Neriah is the former Deputy Head for Assessment of Israel's Military Intelligence. In this video, he contends that Arab country crackdowns are creating recruits for ISIS.

The Sukhoi Su 35S Russias new super maneuverable multirole fighter jet Photo Sukhoi CompanyRussia is putting pressure on Turkey to obtain access to its NATO airbase at Incirlik. Ostensibly, the reason is to better defeat ISIS in Syria. In fact, if it wins access, it is the diplomatic equivalent of a rude gesture to the United States, Europe and the West.

B61 nuclear bomb Photo YouTube screenshot Gung Ho Vids channelThe US decision to remove its nuclear arsenal from Turkey is apparent confirmation that, almost overnight, Erdo─čan has abandoned his alliance with the West and shifted to the East, vis-a-vis Moscow. His anticipated welcome to Tehran's superpower teammates, Russia and China, has sobering implications for Israel.

China military troops Photo YouTube screenshot ELENIN channelThis report from the Iranian FARS News Agency announces the latest superpower to join Tehran's war against its only competitor to establish a regional, even global, caliphate. Namely, ISIS. In Syria, the combined military force of the "Iranian-Russian-Chinese axis" is only miles from Jerusalem. Written from an Iranian perspective, the following announcement merits a careful read.

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