Ekrima Said Sabri Frmr Grand Mufti of Jlem Photo YouTube screenshot AP Archive channel LOGOIn a sermon on the Temple Mount last Friday, the former Grand Mufti of Jerusalem announced in Allah's name that if the US moves its embassy to Israel's capital city, it will be a "declaration of war on all Muslims."

Ethiopian Jews in Beta Israel community in N Ethiopia Photo YouTube screenshot National Geographic channel LOGOA researcher at Bar-Ilan University in Tel Aviv has been studying Judaism as it is practiced today by Ethiopian Jews in Africa. The way they honor Shabbat, practice purity laws and sex, he says, is almost identical to the way Judaism was expressed 2,000 years ago.

Rabbi Shlomo Riskin of Efrat Israel Photo Wikimedia Commons ON PLASMA CAPTIONED Mod 01aNoah was a righteous agnostic? Who knew? Christian readers will be fascinated to learn about two agnostics in Genesis, one righteous, the other not. For Christians, Riskin's argument also evokes the unease deliberately provoked by the New Testament epistle of James and its emphatic assertion that "faith without works is dead."

Southern end of Temple Mount on Snowy day Photo Brian Schrauger CAPTIONSUNESCO denies any connection between the Temple Mount and Judaism, but the massive, and growing, archaeological record begs to differ. Here, with photos, are just a few of its proofs.

What is the meaning of Sukkot Photos YouTube screenshot Hidabrut channelAlong with Jews around the world, Israel has begun its festive seven days of Sukkot. But not only Jews. Gentiles around the world have come to the Holy Land to join the celebration. What is Sukkot? And what is its deeper meaning? Read and watch...

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