Former PA President Yasser Arafat Photo World Economic Forum Remy Steinegge Wikimedia Commons WITH QUOTE

In today's world, "narrative thinking" is all the rage. Rightly used, it argues different perspectives about objective reality. Today however it has become rhetorical storytelling. Fiction is being sold as fact, regardless of the truth, and the world is buying it. It is an infection of perception that has become an epidemic.

Mahmoud Abbas speaking at the UN on 26 Sept 2014 | Photo: YouTube screenshot RT channelIsrael is the target in a relentless war of words. These 10 fictions, related to contemporary issues in the Palestinian conflict, are rhetorical missiles aimed at the Jewish state 24 hours a day and with no end in sight.

Aviva Klompas (Photo: from years in Israel were a tumultuous time to be on the frontlines of narrative warfare. During that time, these five lessons I learned from Israelis about advocacy were, and are, invaluable.

ARTICLE Warfare YouTube ScreenshotThe reason for the new law, 10 years in the making, is to provide the state with the tools necessary to deal with terrorism in a new world that is more technological and internet-based.


Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh (left) and Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas (also president of the Palestinian Authority) are pictured voting in the last election for the Palestinian Legislative Council, which took place in 2006.THERE ARE FIVE REASONS WHY the decision to hold new municipal elections is a huge gamble.

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