Netanyahu at the UN 2016 Photo YouTube screenshot IsraelPM channel WITH CAPTIONAt the world's podium for 40 minutes, Netanyahu's presentation at the UN was characterized by clarity, authority and optimism. It was a textbook case of speaking truth to power.

Netanyahu Photo YouTube screenshot IsraelPM channel WITH QUOTEOver the weekend, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyau uploaded a video to Facebook. His assertion of Palestinian intent for a Jew-free state was explicit. Perhaps it was his conclusion that provoked the US State Department to respond. "Ethnic cleansing for peace is absurd," Netanyahu said. 

Abbas Netanyahu meet in DC Sept 2010 Photo Israeli GPO Moshe MilnerIf anyone might persuade Mahmoud Abbas to meet with Benjamin Netanyahu, it is Vladimir Putin. If Putin succeeds and regardless the outcome, there will be cause to celebrate. Still, Abbas's intransigence makes it unlikely. Octoberfest - with beer, not vodka - will remain in Europe.

Sami Abu Zuhri Spokesperson for Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas Photo Islamic Resistance Movement English websiteAccording to an English press release by Hamas, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is "an icon of terrorism and criminality" whose "lies shall fade and fail to whitewash his bloody image."

Map of provocative Syrian fire on Israel's northern border on 25-28 July 2016 | Map photo by DEBKAfileFor the last four days, Syria has been firing artillery within a few meters, or feet, of Israel's border. Apparently Russia has emboldened Assad. According to this intelligence report, Israel may be forced to hit back.

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