General Mohammad Ali Falaki Photo NCR Iran dot orgLast week an Iranian general pledged to fulfill a vow made by his country's 'Supreme Leader' two years ago. A new army has been established to destroy Israel, "Allah willing," in 23 years.

Montage IAA employee examining the finds Photo Amir Gorzalczany Israel Antiquities AuthorityFor years, Marcel Mazliah picked up items that drifted ashore from the Mediterranean. Turns out, his lifetime hobby is an archaeological treasure with artifacts from Israel's ancient history all the way into the Middle Ages of the Common Era.

Turkeys President Erogan Photo YouTube screenshot BBC News channelWHY is Turkey moving "full speed ahead" to reconcile with Israel? Today's Middle East is crazy slalom of events. Every few hours, new conflicts spring up and new deals are forged – only to end in tatters a couple of days later.

Weapons seized by Israel in Bethlehem and Hebron on Tuesday 23 Aug 2016 Photo IDFblog comIn the early hours on Tuesday morning, in the middle of the night, the hills of southern Judea began to hum. Waxing and waning in volume, the hum persisted. In retrospect, it is virtually certain that the source of the hum was Israeli aircraft. Helicopters, and probably drones, were backing up and supervising raids of weapon mills hidden in the biblical, now Islamic, cities of Hebron and Bethlehem. See for yourself what Israel discovered.

Israel Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman Photo FB screenshot 03After a mortar fired from Gaza hit the Israeli community of Sderot three days ago, Israel carried out two days of carefully targeted but intense bombing attacks. No one was killed. Still, why such a strong response?

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