Dr. Jacques Neriah Photo YouTube screenshot TheJerusalemCenter channelDr. Jacques Neriah is the former Deputy Head for Assessment of Israel's Military Intelligence. In this video, he contends that Arab country crackdowns are creating recruits for ISIS.

F-15I Raam of the IDF Photo The Newshub dot comOne day after escalating violence with Gaza, Israel returned its gaze to its northern border. Mortar shells landed inside Israel on Monday. In response, Israel's Air Force took to the skies and struck back. Jerusalem says it will not tolerate any kind of fire into its territory.

The Sukhoi Su 35S Russias new super maneuverable multirole fighter jet Photo Sukhoi CompanyRussia is putting pressure on Turkey to obtain access to its NATO airbase at Incirlik. Ostensibly, the reason is to better defeat ISIS in Syria. In fact, if it wins access, it is the diplomatic equivalent of a rude gesture to the United States, Europe and the West.

ISIS operatives in Gaza Photo YouTube screenshot Pigmine 2 channelAn affiliate of ISIS in Gaza claimed responsiblity for yesterdays rockets fired into Israel. Was it a message? Is Israel already at war with ISIS? It might be.

Khaled Mashaal Photo YouTube screenshot CBS This Monring channelHamas may be the duly elected government in Gaza. And it might not want a war with Israel right now. Regardless, it is a terrorist organization with an unwavering commitment to completely destroy the Jewish State.

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