B61 nuclear bomb Photo YouTube screenshot Gung Ho Vids channelThe US decision to remove its nuclear arsenal from Turkey is apparent confirmation that, almost overnight, Erdo─čan has abandoned his alliance with the West and shifted to the East, vis-a-vis Moscow. His anticipated welcome to Tehran's superpower teammates, Russia and China, has sobering implications for Israel.

World Vision logo plus Hamas terrorist Photo YouTube screenshot Seeker Daily channel"When I learned about World Vision, an international Christian organization, and its alleged funding of Hamas, I was shocked. It felt like the World Record of mismanagement and corruption."

China military troops Photo YouTube screenshot ELENIN channelThis report from the Iranian FARS News Agency announces the latest superpower to join Tehran's war against its only competitor to establish a regional, even global, caliphate. Namely, ISIS. In Syria, the combined military force of the "Iranian-Russian-Chinese axis" is only miles from Jerusalem. Written from an Iranian perspective, the following announcement merits a careful read.

Russia bombs ISIS in Syria w planes launched from new base in Iran Photo YouTube screenshot Russian Defense Ministry channelThe big story is not that Russia bombed ISIS. The big story is its new base in Iran. But even this pales next to the pending military alliance between Russia, Iran and Turkey.

Abbas in 2010 Photo Israel GPO by Moshe MilnerAbbas's call for municipal elections in October could destroy his government and bring Hamas to power in the so-called "West Bank." What reward could justify such a risk? He calls it the Jerusalem gambit.

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