Seal of Hezekiah king of Judah discovered at Temple Mount Photo YouTube screenshot Above Science channelJerusalem's Islamic Imam says there was never a Jewish Temple on the 'Al-Aqsa Mosque compound.' Archeology says otherwise. Emphatically.

The Kalashnikov AK103 and Mohammend shooting one Photo Wikimedia CC BY SA 3.0 and YouTube screenshot mohammed hussein channel Mod 02Russia is not only selling missiles and nuclear technology to Iran, but assault rifles too. Is Tehran's growing demand stretching the combined production of Russia and German manufacturers? If so, why? And what does it mean for Israel?

Ayoob Kara Photo TheTower Yonatan Sindel Flash90“Relations with our neighbors are the best they’ve ever been. ...Israel receives more international legitimacy today than it has since independence.”

Wahid Burash UN worker accused of helping Hamas Photo YouTube screenshot ITV News channelLike World Vision's Mohammad Halabi, a UN aid worker stands accused of funneling aid to the terrorist organization, Hamas. Apparently, even more nonprofit workers in Gaza are working with Hamas.

Putin and Eerdogan meet on sidelines of G20 summit 2016 Photo YouTube screenshot SAKLI KALAN channelThe worry is that Eerdogan will go all the way to bond with Russia to which Iran is also attached as a partner. Indeed, Erdogan has scheduled a trip to Tehran a few days after his talks with Putin.

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