IDF says WV money purchased thisUK donations to World Vision were used by the terrorist organization Hamas to build a military base in Gaza. This allegation is only part of conduct that led to the 15 June 2016 arrest of Mohammed El-Halabi. He faces charges of funneling $43 million to Hamas.

Wounded Syrian child being evacuation to Israel Photo IDF Spokesperson UnitIn an unusual move, and despite the risk involved, IDF evacuation helicopters evacuated the wounded Syrians. Two children had burns all over their bodies; they were in danger of losing their lives.

Annette Garcia"As an Orthodox Jew, perhaps in the entire parade, I walked proudly with Annette and her delegation. I am still inspired by her faith. She will always be a part of me."

Assyrian forces with heads of decapitated Jews and Nahums tomb Photo YouTube screenshotsThe 2,500 year old tomb of Nahum is in northern Iraq. Today it is crumbling, threatening to collapse. Nahum's prophecy, however, remains solid. It is a damning message to the likes of Tehran and ISIS.

Pinhas Inbari Photo YouTube screenshot TheJerusalemCenter channel"When the Palestinian entity collapses, the vacuum will be filled by the negative forces that have become the nightmare of the world."

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