Netanyahu Abbas shake hands at Peres funeral Photo YouTube screenshot RT channelAttended by leaders around the world, the funeral of Shimon Peres facilitated a number of encounters - including a handshake and words between PM Netanyahu and PA President Abbas.

Complete video recording of funeral of Shimon Peres Photo Israeli GPO Moshe MilnerDid you miss the live broadcast from Jerusalem of the funeral of Shimon Peres? No problem. Here is a video copy...

Peres body lies in state at the Knesset in Jerusalem Photo YouTube screenshot IsraelPM channel WITH CAPTIONToday Shimon Peres' lies in state at Israel's parliament, the Knesset. Leaders around the world are descending on Jerusalem to attend tomorrow's funeral, including US President Obama and the UK's Prince Charles. This a video clip and written report about the ceremonies.

Shimon Peres Photo Israel GPO Mark NeymanIsrael's beloved former President is fighting for his life. Shimon Peres suffered a stroke yesterday. Doctors say his condition is stable. They have also summoned his family.

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