Pope composite with Trump Hitler Photos El Pais and Wikimedia Commons LOGOWhile Donald Trump was being inaugruated as the 45th president of the United States, Pope Francis was giving a lengthy interview. Regarding Trump, Francis said, let's "wait and see." He then compared Trump's election to the populism that sought a "savior" and so elected Adolph Hitler.

Abbas and Pope in Rome 14 Jan 2017 Photos YouTube screenshots Ruptly TV and AFP channels LOGOThis weekend, while France attempted to rally the world to impose on Israel its solution for peace with Palestinians, the Palestinian president met with the pope in Rome. Abbas, named by the pope in 2015 as an "angel of peace," also opened a new Palestinian embassy to the Vatican. Are the events in Rome a greater threat to Israel's sovereignty than Paris?

The stone of Tel Dor underwater and on display Stone photos Univ of Haifa Coastal photo YT screenshot Itay Sikolski channel LOGO 01aOn the coast of the Mediterranean in northern Israel, the city of Dor was once a Canaanite stronghold. Conquered by Israel's most famous general, Joshua, it became a city of Asher, one of the twelve tribes of Israel. Hundreds of years later, it fell under Roman rule. This year the waters of Dor yielded up a stone with a Greek inscription. Naming a Roman procurator, it has resolved an almost one hundred year old debate.

Nero Coin Photo UNC CharlotteA Roman coin bearing the image of Rome's infamous Emperor Nero has been discovered in a dig just outside the southern wall of Jerusalem's Old City. According to an archaeologist at the dig, it dates "to the same year of Saint Paul’s last visit to Jerusalem."

Eurocorps helicopter Photo YouTube screenshot EurocorpsHQ channel 02Next March in Rome the European Union will celebrate its 60th anniversary. In preparation, and in the aftermath of Brexit, leaders are seriously consideration formation of a long held dream: a European Army.

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