The Iranian *Yasir* drone, reverse engineered from a USA *ScanEagle* brought down over Iran in 2012 (Photo: DEBKAfile)Last Sunday a wiley drone appeared in Israeli airspace over the Golan Heights. It was spying on an IDF military exercise. Why was Israel unable to shoot it down? Apparently, there are four big reasons: Iran, China, Russia, and the USA.

Illustration: Drone (By U.S. Air Force photo/Lt Col Leslie Pratt -, Public Domain, at 5pm, just as an IDF military exercise began, a drone appeared in Israeli airspace. Three missiles were fired at the spy craft. They all missed. Whose drone was it?


Russian General Alexander Dvornikov and President Putin (Source: DEBKAfile)BOTH RUSSIAN AND TURKISH INTELLIGENCE indicate that ISIS is going global. In the name of preventing ISIS squads from reaching Russia, Moscow too is going global in its war against the Islamist terror group.

IDF HQ 01 bodyThe IDF recently completed construction of its "cyber headquarters," a control center for defending the army's data and online communications. The situation room for cyber defense, which was begun two years ago, has been running operations for several months in an enhanced manner, and it is intended to allow the IDF to fully function, even under severe cyber attacks.


Photo by Chanpipat/Shutterstock.comAround 536 BC, a Persian government advisor with the Hebrew name, Daniel, penned a number of predictions including a somewhat confusing description of Middle East dynamics at “the end of time.” The confusion was deliberate, he said. It would not be understood until an unmistakable shift happened on a global scale, a time when “travel and knowledge vastly increased” (Dan. 12:4).

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