Complete video recording of funeral of Shimon Peres Photo Israeli GPO Moshe MilnerDid you miss the live broadcast from Jerusalem of the funeral of Shimon Peres? No problem. Here is a video copy...

Shimon Peres | Photo Israel GPO Mark Neyman Beloved in Israel as a founding father, Shimon Peres's life was characterized by resilience, optimism and perseverance. The belief that informed his visions for peace was humanistic Judaism. It is a world view from which he constructed the Oslo Accords. And it was the basis for the swan song of his life: the dream to establish a United Nations of Religions.

Shimon Peres Photo Israel GPO Mark NeymanIsrael's beloved former President is fighting for his life. Shimon Peres suffered a stroke yesterday. Doctors say his condition is stable. They have also summoned his family.

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