2nd Temple priestly scale stone with Oren Gutfeld Photos IAA and YNet"I went pale and ...felt a small tremble to see the name of the high priest."

Splendor of Second Temple courtyard revealedThe first century historian, Josephus, said the Temple Mount courtyard was "completely paved with stones of various types and colors." Now we have a glimpse of its splendor.

Seal of Hezekiah king of Judah discovered at Temple Mount Photo YouTube screenshot Above Science channelJerusalem's Islamic Imam says there was never a Jewish Temple on the 'Al-Aqsa Mosque compound.' Archeology says otherwise. Emphatically.

Illustrative from a different event - Waqf guard attacks Jewish visitor to Temple Mount on 27 July 2015 | Photo: YouTube screenshot Temple Institute channelIt "looked the beginning of a lynch." Last week Islamic Waqf guards blocked off visiting archaeologists, punched and kicked them, deleted video records.

Hallels father, Amichai, grips Rabbi's hand at Jerusalem's Temple Mount ( Photo: by Gil Yohanan YNet News)Hallel's father Amichai blew the shofar at the entrance to the Temple Mount and said, "The world needs this heart, otherwise blood will continue to spill. The world is waiting for us to bring the light and banish the darkness."

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