Alzheimers illustration Photo graphic by Kalvicio de las Nieves on flickrIsraeli scientists have found a way to correct the genetic flaw that causes Alzheimer's. Lab mice treated with the new therapy *recovered* from the illness.

Melanoma illustration Photo YouTube screenshot TomoWorld channelThe deadly spread of melanoma skin cancer from the skin into the body is causing the death of someone every 52 minutes. It appears that researchers at Israel's TAU have found a way to stop the killer.

Wounded Syrian child being evacuation to Israel Photo IDF Spokesperson UnitIn an unusual move, and despite the risk involved, IDF evacuation helicopters evacuated the wounded Syrians. Two children had burns all over their bodies; they were in danger of losing their lives.

Shocked chicken (Photo: YouTube Screen shot)

Real chicken without the egg - or the chicken?

The Israeli startup SuperMeat launched a crowdfunding campaign this week, hoping to deliver on their tagline: “Real meat, without harming animals.”


The Israeli startup SuperMeat launched a crowdfunding campaign this week, hoping to deliver on their tagline: “Real meat, without harming animals.” The company bioengineers chicken from cultured cells to create meat without harming animals.

A visit to the SuperMeat website prompts users to choose between “Meat is delicious!” or “Stop animal suffering!”— then proposes an option to satisfy both camps: tasty meat that causes no animal harm or environmental degradation. Co-founder and co-CEO Koby Barak, a vegan and longstanding animal rights activist, promises that SuperMeat will be both vegan and kosher.

“The vast majority of the vegan-vegetarian movement is very supportive, and we thank them for really supporting us,” Barak explained in an interview with the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. “I have spoken to about 10 rabbis and I don’t see any problem. It will be kosher.”

SuperMeat’s process starts with taking cells from a chicken without harming the animal. The cells are then developed within a machine that replicates the bird’s biological environment, spurring the cells to self-assemble into meat. While SuperMeat isn’t the first cultured meat company, it is the first to specialize in chicken, and it uses a new and patented technology developed by Yaakov Nahmias, a biomedical engineer at Hebrew University of Jerusalem who is the startup’s co-founder and head of research.

Barak believes that SuperMeat has the potential to entirely revolutionize the way by which the world eats. It can counter the environmental degradation and animal suffering that results from the way the food industry works now, as well as improve global food safety and accessibility.

The current Indiegogo fundraising goal is $100,000, from which SuperMeat aims to demonstrate popularity to investors and attract the millions more that the project will need.


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Jupiter Proble feed - Top: Dr. Ravit Heled; Bottom: Dr. Yochai Caspi (Meme by YNet on a NASA photo)"Israel's contribution to this project was immense. People really appreciated what we did. There was support from the Israel Space Agency, as well as another European agency which deals with Pluto."

A NASA video, embedded below, explains the mission to Jupiter

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