Trump and Netanyahu meet in the US Photo Trump campaign LOGOTrump, his campaign and supporters have said a number of things that both encourage and discourage Israelis. Because he lacks a political track record, the consensus here is that what Trump will, in fact, do is unpredictable. As various leaders offered congratulations, their words indicated cautious optimism - and a hope to imprint the President-elect on key issues.

Knesset WhiteHouse Presidential candidates montage Photos Wikimedia Commons CAPTIONEDCasting a somewhat jaundiced eye at the U.S. president election campaign, Israelis await news of today's election result with mixed feelings about the candidates, but confidence in the strength of Israel's relationship with the U.S. no matter who wins.

Terror threat alert on US television news Photo YouTube screenshot CBS This Morning channel Mod01aIn the aftermath of last week's Israeli intelligence reports, US officials have placed parts of the US on high alert. The unspecified threat probably refers to terror attacks by al-Qaida, ISIS and cyber security attacks by any number of hacking entities - but with a special eye on Moscow.

Trump and Netanyahu Photo Donald J Trump US presidential campaign LOGODays before voters cast their ballots, Donald Trump, the Republican candidate for the Presidency of the United States, has clarified his policies regarding a number of issues that are close to Israel's heart.

Middel East map Photo YouTube screenshot Critical Truth channel MONTAGEIsraeli analysts are carefully studying the US presidential race for is possible impact on the Middle East. There are very different expectations for that impact between a President Clinton and President Trump.

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