Dead Sea Scroll overlayed on Qumran cave Photos Facsimile Editions dot com and Wikimedia Commons CAPTIONEDPalestinians say that because the Qumran Caves, in the Judean Desert, are beyond the Green Line, Israel has taken possession of the ancient texts illegally. But according to Israel, this is one more attempt by the Palestinians to rewrite history.

Aerial view of Jerusalems Temple Mount Photo Israeli GPO Yoram Benita WITH LOGOUNESCO recently passed resolutions that implicitly deny any connection between Jews and the Temple Mount in Jerusalem's Old City. Yes, it is an attempt to re-write history. But that is not the worst of it.

Flaunting UNESCO 1000s gather at Western Wall for Judaisms high priestly blessing 19 Oct 2016 Photo Israel Police spokesman on Twitter TITLEAccording to UNESCO's resolution, there is no connection between Jews and the Temple Mount, including its Western Wall, in Jerusalem's Old City. As seen in the video below, yesterday's gathering of thousands for Judaism's High Priestly blessing flaunted UNESCO's damning denial.

Israel severs ties with UNESCO Photo composite by Jerusalem Journal.pngPM Netanyahu says he hopes future UN Chief Antonio Guterres' term will see UN abandon anti-Israel bias. Meanwhile, Israel is suspending ties with UNESCO in the aftermath of its draft proposal that refuses to acknowledge any connection between the Jewish State and the Temple Mount in Jerusalem's Old City.

Netanyahu meets with Pope at Vatican Dec 2013 Photo Israeli GPO smaller sizeScornful of UNESCO's draft resolution failure to acknowledge the inextricable link between Jews and the Temple Mount, Israel is appealing to the Pope - and Bible believing Christians - to intervene before next week's vote.

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