Real Game of Thrones TITLED2Who needs fiction? This weekend, binge on the real "Game of Thrones." All the videos, including an embedded livestream, are here. Watch Trump's inauguration. Then put it in the context of Israel. Witness real cutthroat maneuvers by world governments to demonize Israel and dictate "peace" so they can move in to "supervise" Jerusalem. See Israel's Danny Danon boldly confront the nations, declaring that nothing and no one will ever remove Jews from Jerusalem. No need to surf the Internet. The Jerusalem Journal has done it for you. The videos are here. All you have to do is make the popcorn.

Netanyahu at the UN 2016 Photo YouTube screenshot IsraelPM channel v2a WITH YOUTUBE BUTTONAt the United Nations of 22 September 2016, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke for 40 minutes. He made the case for Israel by presenting current realities in the context of a future hope. See here the official video of his remarks, including a transcript.

Video screenshot from the Ashkelon Press production (Photo: Ashkelon Press on Vimeo)

Ashkelon, Israel | Archaeologists and scholars have long searched for the origin of the Philistines. Now we may find out.

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