Fatah website antisemitic conspiracy blood libel cartoon | Photo: screenshot of the Fatah Media website at PA's descent into anti-Semitism appears complete. Its use of ancient libels are an attempt to induce labor. Something wicked this way comes.


Enabled by the world's virtual silence, Palestinian conspiracy and blood libels are jolting the Middle East with a kind of hate the world has not seen since the 1930s.

The Palestinian Authority published a cartoon over the weekend, posting it to the "media" website of its ruling party, Fatah, and to its related Facebook page.

It depicts a smiling, long-nosed man lighting the fuse to a bomb. With side curls, a long beard, top hat and dark suit, the man is an orthodox Jew. Adorned with an armband that is the flag of Israel, the equation between Judaism, Jews and Israel is unmistakable.

Fatah anti semitic cartoon - Jews blowing up the Muslim world | Photo: The Fateh Media website at the bomb, two Islamic men are straddling bombs. Each of them, one a Sunni and the other a Shia Muslim, are lighting the other's fuse. With glaring hatred, they are on the verge of mutually assured destruction.

The meaning is clear: Jews and their State are behind the Islamic turmoil that not only threatens the Middle East, but now the West as well, especially European countries and the USA.

Blaming Jews for political and religious turmoil is at least as old as Haman. As Prime Minister, if you will, of the ancient Persian empire, he persuaded King Ahaseurus to sign an edict authorizing a genocidal edict to slaughter every living Jew in the known world. Haman's argument was that Jews, scattered throughout the empire, were bound to secret laws that posed an existential threat to the state's existence. For that reason, he argued, they should all be killed. In fact, Haman's motivation was visceral and personal. One Jewish man, Mordecai, refused to bow when Haman passed by. The implication is that his refusal stemmed from conviction that Jews should not bend the knee, or at the waist, to any man.

The story, recorded in the biblical book of Esther, reveals Haman's spectacular failure. Although he and his co-conspirators were executed, the spirit of Haman lived on in a kind of dark immortality. Throughout Jewish history, various nations and institutions have embraced and pursued The Haman Agenda.

That agenda reached its peak of bloody success in Adolph Hitler's Nazi Germany. With the blessing and probable collusion of the Islamic Mufti of Jerusalem, over 6 million Jewish men, women and children were systematically slaughtered. In the aftermath of that Holocaust, the nation-state of Israel was re-born. Swearing that such a Holocaust would "never again" occur, the newborn nation was attacked in its second day of infancy by the Arab League of Nations.

They tried but failed to kill the nascent state. That failure, unfortunately, did not dissuade.

There is a umbilical link between and Haman, Hitler's Naziism, Islamic Palestinianism and the Holocaust. Today that cord is feeding a Middle Eastern womb, nurturing a fetal thing since 1948. In answer to Israel's resurrection, ideological clones of Hitler and Haman are about to be birthed. Today the Palestinian Authority, Hamas, ISIS and Iran see are doing everything they can to induce the labor.

Something wicked this way comes.


Brian Schrauger is Editor-in-Chief of The Jerusalem Journal. You can contact him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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