Montage UNSC and Danny Danon Photos Wikimedia Commons and YT screenshot Assaf Chriqui channel PLAY ARROWThe United Nation's Security Council is meeting today in New York. The declared subject is, "Open Debate - Middle East." According to the Council's president, Olof Skoog, he hopes the meeting will "trigger action towards a two-state solution" between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. Will it? Live-streamed here, see for yourself.


Today's gathering of the United Nations Security Council at 10am EST is occurring according to a pre-planned strategy. It is, quite intentionally, a follow up to Resolution 2334 passed on 23 December 2107, and to last Sunday's peace conference in Paris. In part, because of intense diplomatic efforts from Jerusalem, the outcome of the latter was a much softer admonition of Israel than the harsh demands of Resolution 2334.

Among other things, 2334 declared all Israeli settlements illegal, and placed the Temple Mount in Jerusalem's Old City outside of Israel's sovereign borders.

When the Council passed 2334 on 23 December 2016, Israeli Ambassador addressed the council members. He called their their resolution an "evil decree" that could not, and would not, nullify the Bible.

Danon is on the agenda to address the Council again today. What will he say? Live-streamed here, see for yourself.

What will happen at today's UN Security Council Meeting? Will there be a motion to further restrict Israel's sovereignty in the matter of negotiating peace with the Palestinians? If so, will that motion be vetoed by the United States? Or, as it did on 23 December, will it simply abstain from voting and so, once again, allow a motion to pass?

The meeting begins at 10am Eastern Standard Time. That is 5pm in Israel, 3pm in London, 4pm in Paris. To calculate the time it begins in your city, use this tool at


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